Professional Vacation Rental Photography

From Air BnB to VRBO, our short term vacation rental photos showcase your vacation rental property in the best light possible, so you can get the best rates possible and get more bookings.   Renters are scrolling through listings fast, and you need professional vacation rental photography to grab attention and make your property look it’s best.  

If you own or manage a vacation rental property on a rental platform such as Air BnB or VRBO, professional vacation rental photos help your property listing to stand out from the pack when vacationers are scrolling and searching through the thousands of listings.  As most of us know from scrolling websites and social media, we see and process images & photography much faster than words, and, we’re naturally drawn to appealing photos. Fact is, well-lit & composed professional photography grabs attention. Simply put, your property photos have the power to either draw a traveler in, or to push them to scroll to the next Air BnB or VRBO rental property listing.

According to a recent TripAdvisor study, when people are searching Air BnB or VRBO for short term rentals for their vacation stays, the photos are actually the most important aspect of the listing. As with hotel or B&B photography, travelers rely heavily on the photos of these vacation rental properties to get a “feel” for the spaces they plan to spend time in. A professional photographer is able to not only showcase the property in its best light (literally & figuratively), but also to evoke emotions that prompt a viewer to want to experience the rooms or spaces of your vacation rental.  Because ultimately, vacation rental hosts are selling experiences, not just properties. 


An Investment

ArtImage Professional Vacation Rental Photography pays for itself….

ArtImage professional vacation rental photography is an investment that typically pays for itself with one booking.  A recent Air BnB study found that rental hosts that use professional photos make 40% more than other hosts in their geographic region and book 24% more often.  

With only about 40% of vacation rental listings employing professional rental photos, using professional-grade photography allows your vacational rental property to stand out from the thousands of Air Bnb & VRBO property listings.

Hiring a professional photographer that specializes in photographing real estate and vacation rental properties is one of the best ways to generate more interest, and ultimately bookings, for your vacation rental.  As shown in Air BnB & VRBO studies, when investing in professional photography for vacation rental listings, hosts can expect to see a significant return on investment through both an increase in vacation rentals, as well as the ability to book at higher rates.  Fact is, your smartphone photos are NOT good enough. Low quality photos communicate a low quality experience for potential guests.

How to Prepare your vacation rental for professional photography

Now that you’ve decided to invest in having ArtImage photograph your vacation rental, it is important to prepare your property to be photo-ready. 

You need to make sure your vacation rental photography stands out among the local competitors.the first step is to make sure each room is staged and looks its best.  


Look at AirBNB photography and VRBO photography. What properties are appealing to you? What modern conveniences would you be looking for in your vacation rental?  Simple updates can have a huge impact.


Decluttering makes a room feel bigger. Cleanly arrange art or accent pieces, clear out  knickknacks, and make sure the focus of each room in the photos is of the room itself. Make sure your furniture is arranged to produce an open layout or feel. Set tables or stage gathering areas where guests can envision playing games, enjoying meals, etc.


Each room should look light and bright! Turn on lights and open shutters and curtains. A professional photographer can help the darkest room look brighter through the use of exposure.


Staging for specific seasons helps guests to be able to picture themselves in your hot tub while winter snow is falling around them or sunning on the deck during warmer months.


Do you have a vacation rental outside the CT, RI, MA area?  Please contact us about possibly bartering a stay for photography!

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