6 Reasons to use Professional Real Estate photography


Nordstroms…or Wal-Mart?

Mercedes, BMW, Tiffany’s, Nordstrom’s, etc. etc. These companies have built brands that represent a certain quality and social stature. They are sought after and can charge more for their products because of this branding.

The question you need to ask yourself as a small business person is…when potential clients are considering a real estate professional..do you want your brand to be Walmart…or Nordstroms? If the answer is Nordstroms, then you need to create a brand that says that you are a “cut above”.  Perception is reality.

First, as a realtor, your business is YOU. So that means that many times, the very first impression is your face. A selfie or cell phone photo taken in your bathroom next to the shower curtain doesn’t cut it. You’re a professional…You NEED a professional headshot.

What should that headshot say about you and your brand? It’s up to you, but as a realtor, words that come to mind are confidence, competence & friendliness.   Other things that contribute to your personal brand can be the way you dress, the car you drive, your community involvement, etc. Remember…your personal brand is YOU.  “Your network is your net worth.”  


Upscale sellers want upscale agents.

Now we move on to your business branding. There are things that make up a business brand such as logo, website, storefront, etc. etc. These are all necessities, but none will truly set you apart from the pack in a potential client’s eyes. YOUR REAL ESTATE PHOTOS CAN.

Bottom line, the photos you use in your listings are a HUGE part of your professional brand. As a real estate professional, your number one job is to market a seller’s property by using the best tools at your disposal. By using subpar photography, you are not only shortchanging your client…but you are doing yourself a disservice by damaging your brand. Again…Nordstrom’s or Walmart. It’s no secret that upscale sellers expect upscale marketing & superior service.


In a world full of scrollers…you need to grab attention.

Whether its the potential buyer or the buyer’s agent…we live in a world that is accustomed to scrolling through Instagram & Facebook feeds.  And photos take center stage.  FACT…once the spec criteria has been entered, buyers are focused on the photos. It’s become  human nature to be drawn to pretty, well-lit photos.  If the photos don’t grab attention, we scroll on by to the next thing. the reality is that our brains are now trained to do so.  Bright inviting photos with blue skies get clicks…period. A home can have the specs, but if the photos aren’t attractive, it is harder to get the showings and make a sale at the price the seller is looking for.

Think like a buyer. Even after a physical showing, buyers will go home and look at the photos again..and again…and again.  You need to show your homes in the best light possible.


Ambiance & lighting makes a home inviting..

Ever notice when browsing your Houzz app how great every property looks? Light, bright images that seem to bring the outside in?  That’s because every photo is shot by a professional real estate or architectural photographer. 

Every home and every room is different. A professional real estate photographer knows how to read a room’s light and adjust accordingly.  It’s adding light where shadows need to be filled, decreasing exposure when there is too much light, making sure lighting fixtures or windows aren’t “blown out”.  Controlling & creating ambiance.  Knowing when to bring the outside in…and when not to. These are the things that make homes more inviting. 


Your clients entrust you to put your best foot forward for them.

When a seller signs with you, they are putting their faith and trust in you to use your sales expertise and the best marketing methods necessary to sell their home. They are paying you thousands of dollars for this service.  So, is using poor photography to save $200 really acceptable?  The answer is no.  Your clients deserve better…and you deserve better.  Professional real estate photography is an investment…not an expense.  Invest.


Tough properties need great photos the most.

Some homes practically sell themselves…but let’s face it, they’re not all diamonds. But just because a property might not be upscale, doesn’t mean you don’t want to show it properly. One could argue that these homes need creative photos even more than perfect homes.  A professional will do their best to make a property look even better in photos than it really does.  And this is what helps you get showings.


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